The self-conception of the Chair of Information Systems and Business Intelligence is characterized on the one hand by research, on the other hand by teaching. This is understandable, as science can not be centrally controlled, but must evolve from the research. The tasks in teaching and the associated time pressures on the research provide important frameworks. The contact between scientists and representatives of practice is not only for research but also for teaching essential. Accordingly, the Chair maintains its network, especially with the major research institutions, as well as regionally-based companies. Thus, conditions for an optimal development of research, teaching and study can be defined and an impetus for new developments can be given. The central subject of research activities is business intelligence with its facets Data Warehousing, On-line analytical processing, Data Mining and Text Mining. Business Intelligence refers to the analytical process, which transformed fragmanted enterprise and competition data into actionable oriented knowledge about skills, positions, actions and goals of the considered internal or external areas of action (actors and processes).

Fields of research